I'm a small, 1 person business based in southern CT. I originally started selling propagation stations with cuttings on Etsy in 2020, but finally decided to branch out in 2023 to be a vendor at local festivals and craft fairs in CT. I had almost shut down the shop after all the crazy fees that were getting tacked onto every online sale, but this year brought me out of my funk and I'm ecstatic to meet other plant lovers and crafty people in person. 

I absolutely adore growing and taking care of plants.  Since the pandemic started, I had been trying to find ways to stay sane and what better way  to do that than by forcing myself to pick up a hobby and then thinking about nothing else but that hobby for months. What began with a few succulents and a golden pothos plant has now turned my bedroom into a swamp full of fungus gnats, humidifiers, a higher than usual electricity bill and my basement into a trash heap of a wood shop. As they say, go big or go home and I plan to do both. So now I run a small woodworking / resin art /  plant business out of my basement. Please enjoy the unhinged saga of what happens when you have too much time on your hands and nowhere to go.


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