Succulent Care

What is a Succulent?

Succulents make up a giant group of plants that have adapted to storing water in roots, stems or leaves and are typically found in arid climates and soil conditions.

Succulents have adapted to store a lot of water to last through droughts. They have specialized vacuoles (plant tissues) that store MORE water than your average house plant.

When watering succulents, don't be stingy, give them a thorough water, but never let them sit in it for long. They've adapted to survive droughts so always wait for the soil to be completely dry before watering again.

Succulents require a lot of sunlight to thrive. Without adequate light, they put all of their energy to stretching towards the light and become etoliated, long and weak. Place them under a grow light for best results or put them in a South or east facing window for natural light. 

Terrarium Building Guide

1) Fill Bottom of container with Sand

2) Add the long tube of activated charcoal

3) Add a layer of small rocks

4) Add succulent soil to cover the bottom

You may find it easier to add some water to the soil so the cuttings stay in place better.

5) Remove some dirt from the succulents and arrange

6) Add moss for decoration

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